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"I jumped on board with IDDSI because I’ve always believed it would reduce errors in the food served to people."

John Holahan

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Salted Caramel Crown Royal Whiskey - Thickened with SimplyThick®

Simply Thick Dysphagia Friendly Salted Caramel Apple Whiskey - Thickened

Welcome to the SimplyHolahan Mixology Bar. As the seasons turn and the air grows crisp, it's the perfect time to cozy up with a delightful cocktail. Today, we're stirring up a treat that’s straight off the box of the indulgent Salted Caramel Crown Royal Whiskey. Meet the Caramel Apple Thickened Whiskey—a tantalizing concoction that marries the crispness of apple with the velvety rush of salted caramel. This mix is designed for adults who appreciate a well-crafted drink and is particularly mindful of those using SimplyThick® EasyMix™ for a safer, enjoyable sipping experience.


For those who incorporate thickened liquids into their routine, fear not—the fizz of this cocktail doesn't put it out of reach. SimplyThick EasyMix is the go-to solution for carbonated beverages. Traditional powder thickeners can act like tiny little carbonation catalysts, causing your drink to froth up like a science fair volcano. Not what we want in a relaxing drink!


Instead, SimplyThick EasyMix, with its smooth liquid consistency, thickens without triggering a foam-fest. The process is straightforward, and you can tailor the consistency to your needs, whether you're using a bottle with a pump or convenient packets. To ensure the best experience, I recommend preparing this drink in single servings, as carbonation and alcohol don’t take kindly to waiting around. If you’re looking to mix up a larger batch for friends or a gathering, drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to guide you through the steps.


Let's mix up a Crown Royal Caramel Apple Thickened Whiskey that's not only delicious but also dysphagia-friendly!


The Slightly Thick, Level 1 Salted Caramel Apple Whiskey


This drink is a fan favorite, perfect for savoring by a crackling fire. However, given its effervescence, we’ll be tweaking the usual thickening routine to ensure that every sip is as enjoyable as the first.


In crafting a drink that retains the essence of carbonation but forgoes a foam overload, the key is controlled degassing. Yes, that delightful fizz is excess carbonation just waiting to escape, and we'll use that to our advantage, ensuring your beverage keeps its sparkle for longer.


Here's your step-by-step guide to a perfectly thickened Crown Royal Caramel Apple:



  • 1 oz Crown Royal Regal Apple™

  • ¾ oz Crown Royal™ Salted Caramel 

  • ½ oz Lemon Juice

  • 4 oz Ginger Ale



  • SimplyThick EasyMix Bottle and Pump

  • Mixing cup

  • Measuring cup

  • Serving cup

  • Spoon



1.      Into your measuring cup, dispense one dose of SimplyThick EasyMix. Set it aside for the moment.

2.      Take the Ginger Ale and pour it into your mixing cup. Stir briskly with a spoon for about 5 seconds—this is where we’ll intentionally let some fizz flee.

3.      Gently blend the Crown Royal Regal Apple and Crown Royal Salted Caramel along with the lemon juice into the mixing cup.

4.      Here's where finesse comes in: pour 6 oz. of the alcoholic blend VERY SLOWLY into the measuring cup containing SimplyThick EasyMix. The aim is to avoid creating any foam, so take it easy.

5.      Now, gently stir the mixture with your spoon in a leisurely figure-8 pattern for about a minute until you achieve the desired thickness—without stirring up a storm.


Voilà! You now have a delectably thickened Crown Royal Caramel Apple cocktail to savor. It's a drink that's smooth and inclusive—perfect for a crisp evening or a festive gathering. Enjoy responsibly and remember, at SimplyHolahan, we're all about sipping with satisfaction. Cheers!


Visit my TikTok Channel if you'd like to see the Crown Royal Caramel Apple cocktail thickened to: IDDSI Level 2 - Mildly Thick, IDDSI Level 3 - Moderately Thick, or IDDSI Level 4 - Extremely Thick.



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