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The Great Everclear Experiment: Can SimplyThick Rise to the Challenge?

Can SimplyThick EasyMix thicken liquors like Everclear with a high proof content?

On a recent quest for the perfect fall cocktail to showcase on TikTok, I embarked on an experiment with SimplyThick EasyMix's compatibility with alcohol. My ingredient of choice? Everclear - the titan of liquors, boasting a potent 190 proof or a staggering 95% ethanol content.


For those unfamiliar, SimplyThick EasyMix is a wonder thickener based on liquid xanthan gum. This thickening agent is created through an industrial fermentation process. By the end, we have bacteria-producing xanthan gum. But here's where things get interesting: To extract this xanthan gum, producers turn to ethanol. High ethanol concentrations pull the xanthan gum out, resulting in white, insoluble strands. While it's a marvel of science, it's not exactly the look you want in your drink.


Given this tidbit, I had my suspicions about mixing SimplyThick EasyMix with straight Everclear. As the camera rolled and anticipation built, I poured Everclear into a glass, added a dose of SimplyThick, and began stirring. Just as I'd theorized, the xanthan gum swiftly separated from the mix!


But for all the Everclear enthusiasts out there, don't fret! While straight, thickened shots might be off the table, you can still relish thickened Everclear-based cocktails. Just remember to dilute and enjoy responsibly!

Watch my demo below:


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