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"I jumped on board with IDDSI because I’ve always believed it would reduce errors in the food served to people."

John Holahan

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SimplyThick® launches Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) individual packets.

Therapists told us that once their facilities adopted IDDSI, Level 1 Slightly Thick became their #1 thickness level. We recognized the need to add Slightly Thick to our family of products in order to serve each and every patient.

SimplyThick® EasyMix™ launches Slightly Thick Individual Packets for those with Dysphagia.

In January 2021, we introduced the first Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) individual packets among major brands in the USA, making slightly thickened beverages a breeze for dysphagia patients and caregivers. The SimplyThick® EasyMix™ Slightly Thick packets are available exclusively on Amazon.

SimplyThick® EasyMix™ has been changing the lives of those with swallowing disorders for years, and now, the introduction of Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) packets demonstrates once again that we lead the way in healthcare innovation.

Consistent with all products in the SimplyThick® EasyMix™ line, patients will love Slightly Thick (Level 1) because it thickens a broad range of products (hot, cold, carbonated, and supplements), allowing for improved hydration and nutrition. They will also enjoy the simple directions and pre-measured portions that are designed to make the proper consistency regardless of beverage choice — no charts required.

Benefits of using SimplyThick EasyMix food and beverage thickener for people with swallowing disorders.

Additionally, SimplyThick, LLC is a Platinum Sponsor of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) — “a global initiative to improve the lives of over 590 million people worldwide living with dysphagia” and has implemented the IDDSI colors and verbiage on all packaging, including SimplyThick® EasyMix™ Slightly Thick (Level 1).

IDDSI defines Slightly Thick (Level 1) as, “thicker than water, but still thin enough to flow through a straw. Some drinks may naturally be slightly thick (like some fruit nectars or milks). Thin liquids like water, milk, tea, coffee, juice and others may need to be thickened to the Slightly Thick level.”

Our pre-measured packets allow for fast and easy preparation of beverages anywhere. Each packet produces a Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) consistency.

SimplyThick EasyMix Mixing Instructions for Slightly Thick Consistency (IDDSI Level 1)

View our short mixing demo to learn how you can make a Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) beverage in just 30 seconds.

Shop SimplyThick EasyMix Slightly Thick (IDDSI Level 1) Xanthan Gum Thickener for Dysphagia



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