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"I jumped on board with IDDSI because I’ve always believed it would reduce errors in the food served to people."

John Holahan

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Reasons to Choose SimplyThick® Over the Other Options

SimplyThick EasyMix xanthan gum thickener makes thickening your favorite beverages a breeze.

A thickened liquids diet can be ideal for people who have dysphagia, who might find it difficult or even dangerous to swallow thinner liquids. By having thickened liquids, the danger of aspiration is reduced, making swallowing safer. However, finding the right product for thickened liquids is also important after recognizing the advantages of this type of diet. There are several types of products out there. You might be frustrated with the one you're currently using or unsure about where to start. This short guide will help you to understand the available options and the benefits that SimplyThick EasyMix can provide.

Finding a Thickener That Works for You

When first trying thickened liquids, many people find that it's not pleasant. You're sure to find plenty of people who express their dislike for various thickened products, but finding a safe way to eat and drink is the most important priority. Fortunately, not all solutions for thickened liquids are the same. The key is to find what you like by trying out a few different options. If you know there's a flavor or texture you won't enjoy, there's no point trying it. You might also find that you experience either constipation or loose stools when first trying a thickened liquid diet. However, this should only last a couple of days - if it lasts longer, you should seek advice from your medical professional.

Different Methods of Thickening Liquids

To understand the benefits of using SimplyThick, it's helpful to know which types of thickening products are available. Most products fall into a few different categories:

  • Liquid thickener - SimplyThick EasyMix is the only product in this category: a concentrated, pre-hydrated thickener that can be added straight into liquids

  • Pre-thickened liquids - liquid products that are ready to drink and can usually be served right from the container

  • Dry powder thickeners - concentrated thickeners to add to liquids

SimplyThick EasyMix can thicken milk and other beverages for those with dysphagia.

The Advantages of SimplyThick

With several types of thickened liquid products available, what makes SimplyThick the right choice? SimplyThick EasyMix gives you some great advantages, offering an easy-to-use thickener.

  1. It thickens faster than other products

  2. It works in more beverages

  3. It doesn't form clumps

SimplyThick has been available for 20 years, and in that time, it has become the best-selling thickener on Amazon. Let's compare it to the other options.

Firstly, there are pre-thickened liquids. These might seem convenient, but they're more expensive, and they limit your options. SimplyThick can be added to any liquid that you want, so the possibilities are endless. It's easy to use while you're out and about, too, whereas many establishments won't be happy about you bringing in your own drink.

As for dry powders, these have a variety of issues. They can clump and not mix in well with your choice of liquid. They're also slow to act, which can lead to over-thickening. Learning how much to use can be tricky. In addition, while they work in a range of beverages, they're not as flexible as SimplyThick EasyMix.

SimplyThick is an affordable, convenient option. It uses xanthan gum instead of modified corn starch, which tastes better and doesn't break down in saliva. It's flexible, easy to use, and an excellent choice for a thickened diet.



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